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Who doesn’t know the history of Roman Civilization, with all the good as well as bad that they did. Their frightening look and nature accompanied with their well organized army and tactics, have made Roman soldiers and their look an indispensable part of many comics, movies as well as fancy dress parties.

A movie called “Centurion” was released in year 2010. It was a hit movie with plenty of action and its characters sported great historical looking costumes. This movie made the Roman Centurion Costumes all the more famous.

Welcome to CenturionCostume.Com, where we are defending the Roman Empire, one costume at a time!  This is the best place on the Web to find Centurion costumes that will allow you to become a character from your favorite film!  Playing dress up is fun for all ages, not just for kids!

Becoming your favorite Centurion characters is simpler and easier when you visit us at CenturionCostume.Com.  We are proud to offer the best selection of Centurion costumes that you will find anywhere, including adult Centurion costumes and Centurion costumes for children, all on one website.  You can be as frightening or as intimidating as you wish to be for Halloween or for a masquerade party, play, or event.  Choose to be:

-          A young gladiator.  If only Maximus had worn the right Centurion costume, perhaps he wouldn’t have been captured and enslaved!  A young gladiator Centurion costume with full body armor, helmet, wrist wraps and shin guards might have been to his advantage.

-          A roman gladiator centurion costume.  You will know it’s a roman gladiator by the red flume on top of its helmet! This type of centurion costume will usually include a tunic, leg guards, cape, chest armor, and helmet, along with a sword, although you may need to buy the sword separately.

-          Other characters, like Marc Antony or Hercules.  These other characters can be useful if you are going as a group to a party, or for couple’s themed costumes.

Female warrior princess.  For the gal who wants to show off her warrior skills or who wants to go as a couple with her Centurion date, the female Centurion costume is a fitting choice.  Be sure to outfit her with just as much body armor and equip her with a sword and shield.  Cleopatra is another fitting option for those who want to dress in period style to go alongside a person wearing a Centurion costume.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorize your Centurion Costume with everything needed to be battle ready. There are many different pieces of armor such as chest plates, shin guards and more. A helmet with a bright red flume is commonly seen adorning the Centurion’s head and makes the ideal accessory to complete your look. Weapons such as swords and knives give a fierce look to the Centurion costume. For your smaller Centurion on Halloween, you should be sure to choose only plastic versions of any weapons or armor. This costume provides very little in protection from the cold weather that often accompanies this season of the year. You might consider thermal undergarments to help in protecting your little trick or treater from harsh temperatures.

Measuring for Your Costume

Being a gladiator is hard work, just ask any Centurion and they will tell you so! It can be harder still if your Centurion costume is ill-fitting or does not allow you to move freely.  After all, how can you fight in battle if your codpiece is too tight? Measure properly before ordering your costume, and you’ll have the upper hand from the start. Measure your waist, chest, and your hips, and compare to the size chart that you will find on the product page. You should also note the length of the costume so that you are sure that it will be appropriate for you, too.

History is a great place to look for inspiration for Halloween and the Roman Empire gives you a lot to think about. Many men with the build to match can opt for the Centurion Costume. These soldiers, loyal to King Caesar would do anything in their power to protect their lord and master. Go in for the white tunic and pleated skirt. Top that off with a brown leather shirt. Add on the metal armor, the roman sandals, a spear in hand and a long red cape and you are ready to stand at attention and call our Hail Caesar; command attention at the party with your feathered helmet as well.

Who on the Earth Were Centurions?

A professional commander having a group of up to eighty Roman soldiers under him was called a Centurion. A Centurion who could prove himself to be the best was allowed to be promoted to the first legion called the Primi Ordines.

The most special thing about Centurions was that they used to fight beside their men and were usually the one leading the troop. The weapons that Centurions carried consisted of dagger, helmet, javelin sword, armour and shield.

These very accessories are now part of the Centurion Halloween costumes. A getup of Roman soldier complimented with all these accessories is surely going to make you or your child the main highlight of the Halloween party.

The variations of the costume ideas of a Centurion are endless. As when a Centurion is caught or captured, he turns into a Gladiator.  Young boys specially enjoy being a gladiator.

However, that doesn’t mean these costumes would not look appealing on an adult; Russel Crowe is a great example to follow. The Centurion costumes with all their accessories are surely going to provide you with endless fun on the Halloween day.  The best part is that you can easily buy them online at very much affordable prices.

Centurion Halloween Costumes

We owe a lot to Romans actually. They gave us many things including the Christianity religion, the Latin language, roads of cements, Aqueducts, the month names (most of them) etc; but by far their greatest gift given by them has been the iconic Halloween costumes.

It is not just funny, but there is also some truth inside. If you think about Roman Empire and its history, it is gigantic. And when we talk about Romans, we cannot but talk of Greeks, Celts, Persians and all others who were involved in the great Roman history. Besides other things, they all combined together to give a great potential for amazing Halloween Costumes for kids as well as adults.

However, when we talk about those personalities from the Roman history who symbolise toughness and uniqueness simultaneously, they are indeed the Centurions and Gladiators. This is precisely the reason why Centurions Halloween costumes stand tall above the rest. They are not only amazing to look but are ultimate in boys warrior costumes.

Centurion used to be leader of a group of 80 men and was an exceptionally brave soldier, a wonderful leader and inspiring figure for his troop. The Centurion Halloween costumes are a perfect choice to bring warrior in your child out, at least on the Halloween evening. The typical costume set has a gold armour upon a white tunic and looks fabulous.

The best thing about these costumes is that they can be bought in adult size also. You can have your partner dressed as a Roman Empress or Cleopatra and make the Roman history come alive once again in Halloween party. ,

You shouldn’t miss out on going for accessories of a Centurion costume that include dagger, sword, helmet, armour and shield for a complete and perfect Centurion look.


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